Uvalde School District Officials Call The Police On Reporters


Uvalde School District officials called police on reporters who were asking about the locked door story.


CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz also tweeted:

The statement doesn’t answer any of the questions that were posed and states that the district won’t be saying anything.

Uvalde’s police chief made similar remarks to CNN:

Local officials appear to be trying to stonewall the media and investigators. Uvalde officials have no good reason to not be honest, open, and transparent about what happened and the decisions that were made. It would be a comfort to the community if they were.

The coordinated response of Uvalde officials leads to the possibility that they are trying to avoid being sued by grieving families for the deaths of their loved ones.

If Uvalde officials were so negligent in their response to a mass shooter that they caused the deaths of children and teachers in a classroom, those facts would come out.

Calling the police to tell reporters to get off of school board property is not something innocent people would do.

Uvalde officials may think this will blow over, but they are wrong. The deaths of 21 women and children will not be swept under the rug or overlooked, and eventually, the truth will be revealed.

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