Uvalde Protesters Tell Biden To Do Something About Guns, And He Replies We Will


While leaving the church in Uvalde, Texas, someone shouted out and urged President Biden to do something about guns, He replied, “We will.”

According to the White House Pool Report as provided to PoliticusUSA:

The Bidens exited the church at 1:28 pm, walked to the Beast and waved to a crowd of spectators gathered to watch their departure.

“Do something!” someone in the crowd yelled.

“We will,” POTUS replied.

We are rolling at 1:33 to the next event, which is the meeting with survivors and family members of the shooting victims.

There seems to be a genuine public outcry across the vast majority of the country for something to be done.  The American people want the killing of children and adults to stop,

It does feel like a national breaking point was reached and a threshold was crossed after Uvalde.

The House will act.

The President will act., but will Mitch McConnell allow ten Republicans in the United States Senate to stand up and do the right thing?

If Republicans put NRA blood money ahead of the lives of children, one gets the sense that voters will not forgive and forget.

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