Unbelievable Corruption As Jared Kushner Was Meeting With Middle East Investors While In The White House


Jared Kushner was meeting with Middle Eastern investors while still in the White House before Trump’s term ended.

Jared Kushner Used The White House To Line Up Investors

The New York Times reported on Jared Kushner and Steve Mnuchin’s travel:

But an examination of the two men’s travels toward the end of the Trump presidency raises other questions about whether they sought to exploit official relationships with foreign leaders for private business interests.

In the weeks after the election, Mr. Kushner made three trips to the Middle East, the last for a Jan. 5 summit in Saudi Arabia with leaders of the Gulf monarchies. Mr. Mnuchin that day began a tour through the region that was planned to include private meetings with the heads of the sovereign wealth funds of Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar and Kuwait — all future investors. (He cut it short after the Capitol riot, dropping the Kuwait stop and, in Saudi Arabia, meeting only with the finance minister.)

Jared Kushner Used The White House To Get Middle Eastern Cash

Historically speaking, the sort of corruption that is being reported is unprecedented in the executive branch. It is a brazen misuse of a position of power by both Mnuchin and Kushner. On top of the fact that using taxpayer resources for personal business is about as clearly illegal as one can get as a public servant, outside of taking bribes, which has also been an allegation that plagued the Trump presidency even before it began.

The Department of Justice should be looking into both Kushner and Mnuchin.  US officials deemed Jared Kushner a security risk and denied him clearance. Trump overruled officials and gave his son-in-law access, and it is apparent that he used that access to make billions of dollars.

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