Trump Danced After Speech Where He Read The Names Of 19 Dead Uvalde Children


Donald Trump showed how little he cared about the victims of the Uvalde shooting by dancing at the end of his speech.

Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) noted Trump’s dancing:

Having Trump read the names of the victims in his bored, disinterested, indoor voice didn’t carry the weight and impact that Trump and the NRA hoped for mainly because Trump is such a terrible actor that he can’t fake when he doesn’t care, and the failed former president truly did not care about the victims of the shooting.

The spotlight was supposed to be his.

The speech itself was the now usual trainwreck. There was nothing new and he managed to replay the old hits and get all of his gripes in.

One can’t imagine President Biden dancing after a speech where he read the names of children killed in a mass shooting because he is a human being and knows how to behave.

The reality is that Donald Trump won’t be going away for good until he is in prison, dead, or he loses the 2024 election, and Republicans push him out of their party.

Children die, and Donald Trump responds by dancing.

It is sociopathic, and it wants to be back in the White House.

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