Trump Commands the Pennsylvania GOP to ‘Stop Finding Votes,’ And Asks If Primary Is ‘RIGGED’


The Pennsylvania Oz race is ridiculous. How long does it take to count votes. (sic) France, same day all paper, had VERIFIED numbers in evening. U.S. is a laughing stock on elections. STOP FINDING VOTES in PENNSYLVANIA! RIGGED?

Donald Trump, today at 10:30 a.m.

This guy.

In a sense, it is comedy gold. The right guy is winning. Stop counting votes! Additionally, the votes they are counting are mail-in votes, which are paper ballots.

Trump remains unaware of the fact that the Democrats have not “formally” certified all of their primary votes yet, either, and are surely still counting some mail-in votes in certain counties. The key difference is that the Democratic race is decided based solely on one candidate’s massive lead.

Speaking of which, if France had its election come down to one-tenth of one percent, as the race stands in Pennsylvania, the French damn sure would not have declared a winner that evening, either. When one candidate outperforms the other by 17%, counting the last 5% of the ballots doesn’t have the same sort of drama.

And drama plays a role in all this. Trump always viewed elections (and everything else) as reality television and, in Trump’s mind, real elections are decided on the day of the election with a checkmark. In reality, it’s always taken a week to ten days to certify an election, at a minimum. Silly, we’re talking about the guy who calls up a secretary of state who is supposed to be on the “same team” and says they just need to “find” 17,000 votes, he didn’t want Georgia to stop counting. Trump doesn’t believe in democracy. He is an authoritarian who believes in bending things to his will, just as he’s tried to do in business all his life. He doesn’t have the education to appreciate, nor the conscience to care, about the ramifications his actions have had on the country’s stability.

But one should frame that Trump “truth” – because that quote is truly Trump, through and through, initially hilarious, underlyingly telling and dangerous.

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