The FBI Is Interviewing Republicans In Michigan And Georgia About The Fake Elector Scheme


Republicans in Michigan and Georgia have had the FBI showing up at their doors and asking questions about the Trump fake elector scheme.

The FBI Has Questions For Republicans About The Fake Electors

CNN reported:

“They just asked who talked to me. If anyone from the Trump campaign had been in touch with me. Did Giuliani talk to me? Did Trump talk to me?” said Patrick Gartland, who was set to serve as an elector but dropped out. He recounted how two FBI agents visited his home in Marietta, Georgia, a few weeks ago.

Investigators have sought answers this month from Gartland and others connected to the GOP in Georgia and in Michigan — both in FBI interviews and in grand jury subpoenas for documents and testimony. Investigators are looking at whether the Trump campaign played a role in the submission of false election certificates, according to people approached by the Justice Department.

The FBI Is Investigating Potential Trump Campaign Involvement In The Scheme

The FBI wants to know if members of the Trump campaign or the Trump Organization were involved in this plot. They also want to know if the fake electors knew that they were part of a scheme to overturn.

The fake electors were coordinated from somewhere, and evidence suggests that the coordination came from the Trump campaign. It is the FBI’s job to investigate and gather facts that demonstrate who directed the plot.

The slates of fake electors in swing states who all had the same documents didn’t organically form and appear. Someone organized them, and the FBI wants to know who did it.

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