Texas Officials Are Trying To Blame A Teacher For Uvalde Shooting


The Texas Department of Public Safety is apparently blaming a teacher for propping a door open before the Uvalde shooting.


The timeline according to the Director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, “11:27, we know from video evidence, 11:27 the exterior door suspected of when we knew the shooter entered. Ramos was propped open by a teacher. 11:28 the suspect’s vehicle crashes into the ditch, as previously described. The teacher runs to room 132 to receive a phone. The teacher walked back to the exit door, and the door remains propped open. — as reported by the director, there are two males at a funeral home that when they heard the crash, they went to the crash scene.”

Officials claimed that they were holding the briefing to give the facts and not assess blame, but the first thing that they did was to blame a teacher for propping a door open.

Texas officials appear to be going out of their way to blame anyone and everything, but the gun laws that made it easy for the shooter to buy an assault weapon and kill 19 children and two adults.

It is unbelievable that Texas officials are trying to assign any level of blame to a teacher for this horrible crime. If assault weapons were not so easy to obtain in Texas, the situation would not have been as deadly.

Texas is blaming a teacher when easy access to assault weapons is the problem.

Something is rotten in Texas.

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