Rudy Giuliani Blows A Gasket And Starts Screaming At People At A Parade


Rudy Giuliani was marching in a parade when he melted down and started screaming at people that they were as demented as Biden.


After a parade attendee said something to him, Giuliani came to the railing and said, “Crime was down 40% under me. It’s up 40% under him. I reduced crime, you jackass. You are a brainwashed a-hole, and you’re probably as demented as Biden.”

Rudy Giuliani is the last person on earth who should be talking about dementia. Giuliani apparently lost his mind years ago and is a shell of the human being who was supposedly America’s Mayor after 9/11.

Giuliani should probably tread carefully when talking about crime as well because he is under investigation by the DOJ for numerous potential felonies regarding his business dealings with Russian-affiliated Ukrainians. 

The former mayor is likely to end up becoming a convicted felon at some point in the near future.

Rudy Giuliani has literally become the guy screaming at strangers on the street. With this man as his lawyer, it is no surprise that Donald Trump has lost so many court cases.

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