Rick Scott Refuses To Answer Why 77% Of Republicans Won’t Condemn Racism


Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) danced around a question about 77% of Republicans don’t think it is important to condemn racism.

Rick Scott Dodges Question About Republican Racism


Transcript via Face The Nation:

MARGARET BRENNAN: Right. As you know, there’s concern that in- given the opportunity to review it, that you could put some of those programs at risk. But I want to move on to have you respond to something else that was in our polling that I think is important to have you comment on. Do you personally think it’s important for political leaders, particularly in your party, to condemn white nationalism? Because according to our poll, 75% of Democrats say it is very important. Only 23% of Republicans say it’s very important. Why do you think there is such a gap?

SEN. SCOTT: Well, clearly, we ought to all condemn any hatred. We ought to condemn any white supremacy. We- mean we’ve got to figure out how to come together. I- I believe we got to stop all this racial politics and what the plan I put out at Rescue America.com I said, we have to stop asking people on government forms for their skin color. We ought to judge people by their character, not, you know, not their skin color. So, we’ve got to figure out how to bring people together.

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, you would tell all Senate Republicans running for election that they need to, each and every one of them, condemn white nationalism?

SEN. SCOTT: Well, I tell people what I believe. And, you know, every- every Senate candidate on both sides is going to decide what is important to them, and what is important to the citizens of their state–

MARGARET BRENNAN: But you would advise them- you think–

SEN. SCOTT: –But I can tell you I’m clear. 

MARGARET BRENNAN: So, the answer is yes?

SEN. SCOTT: Oh, if they asked me, I would say be clear. Be clear. I mean, we do not believe- none of us- I don’t think any American should believe in white supremacy or hatred of any kind. I mean, it’s wrong.

Republicans Don’t Condemn Racism And White Supremacy Because They Believe It

The party that hears about Great Replacement Theory from Tucker Carlson hundreds of times has become a haven for domestic terror cells and right-wing extremists.

The answer that Scott didn’t want to give is that Republicans have been told that their racism is a part of their mainstream beliefs.

It has been proven over and over again that a Republican who defies Trumpism loses votes and elections within the Republican Party. Scott wasn’t about to tell Republicans to ditch the racism, so he danced around the question and in the process highlighted the racism problem in the Republican Party.


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