Pathological Liar Kellyanne Conway Claims Trump Thought About Quitting After Access Hollywood Tape


In her new book, Kellyanne Conway claims that Trump thought about dropping out of the presidential race after the Access Hollywood tape dropped.

Here is Conway’s version of events:

“Should I get out [of the race]?” Trump asked Conway, according to the book.

“I never, ever give up,” he added.

“You actually can’t unless you want to forfeit and throw the whole damn thing to Hillary.”

Trump fired back, “What do you mean I can’t?”

Conway then explained that early voting had begun, so he couldn’t quit.

Kellyanne Conway Is Likely Dishing Out More Alternative Facts

The idea that Trump thought about quitting might be accurate. Trump always quits. Trump is a quitter. When he fails, he quits and blames someone else.

The fiction is likely Conway playing the hero and talking Trump out of quitting. There have been roughly 47 billion Trump presidency books written, and none have disclosed this story.

Kellyanne Conway has proven time and again that she is a pathological liar. The fact that she quotes herself as her source in the book is a big red flag.

Conway can’t get a job anywhere in media because of her extensive track record of lying.

Anyone who buys her book is purchasing a work of fiction, and those media outlets that publish stories from the book are being fed a hefty dose of “alternative facts.”

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