Mila Kunis Wasn’t a Fan of Ashton Kutcher’s Vengeance Mustache


Ashton Kutcher‘s latest look did not earn his wife’s stamp of approval.

Rocking a sweet ‘stache in the new film Vengeance—which premieres July 29—Kutcher exclusively told E! News’ Daily Pop that wife Mila Kunis was “not a fan” of his facial hair.

“It was kind of this combination of this aristocracy, but also country,” the actor explained of his character’s appearance at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on July 25. “There was this kind of Errol Flynn thing happening, but it was also, kind of had this Burt Reynolds country vibe going. I was rocking it for a while, just to kind of feel it and live it. It’s kind of nice.”

The film marks writer and star B.J. Novak‘s directorial debut and follows his character Ben, an NYC journalist and podcaster who travels to Texas to investigate the death of his former hookup Abilene (Lio Tipton).

Kutcher gushed about his director and co-star on the red carpet, telling Daily Pop, “He wrote such an amazing screenplay. But then, as a director, he brought a nuance to the understanding of every single character that he’d written.”

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