Marjorie Taylor Greene Might Get Herself Tossed Off The Ballot With Stunt At DC Mayor’s Office


The legal action to disqualify Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene got a boost as she showed up at the DC Mayor’s office to support the 1/6 insurrectionists

Marjorie Taylor Greene Admits That 1/6 Was An Attack On America


Greene explained that she showed up in the DC mayor’s office to say, “You need to give us a visit. You owe this to all of the people that we represent across the country, and then this city needs cleaned up. There’s homeless people all over the city. Crime is out of control, and it has a jail that is clearly a dangerous place for people to be because they’re dying last week, and then these pre-trial January 6th defendants have been held for months on end being abused as political prisoners of war not only by federal judges, prosecutors, the Department of Justice but also by the DC jail.”

By using the term prisoner of war, Rep. Greene is admitting that the 1 /6 attack was an attack on the American government, and she views those involved in 1/6 who she supports as at war with the United States.

The voters who are continuing to pursue legal action to get Greene kicked off of the ballot should be paying close attention because it sure sounds like Rep. Greene was involved in an attack against the United States.



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