Madisson Hausburg Shares Her Journey to Healing After Son’s Stillbirth


She also learned that many people didn’t know what to say or do to show their support. While Madisson acknowledged that every mother’s experience is different, she was grateful for anyone who simply checked in.

“So often, people don’t even ask because it’s hard to know what to say when this happens,” she said. “No one wants to offend you. No one wants to upset you more. But I would say it never hurts to ask.” 

And while Madisson observed people being scared to talk about Elliot, she quickly assured those close to her that she wants to discuss her boy. “I want you to ask me questions,” she said. “I still want to talk about the birthing process. What I really appreciate is people reaching out and asking questions and talking about Elliot, saying his name, making sure people acknowledge me as a mother, acknowledging my baby as my child. Those are the things that really stood out to me.”

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