Jon Voight Goes Off On MAGA And Calls For Qualification And Testing For Gun Ownership


Even MAGA actor Jon Voight has had enough after Uvalde as he calls for all gun owners to be schooled, qualified, and tested.

Voight said, “We must make sure that we will never see this horror again in this lifetime. We must identify every individual for their credentials, for their mental capacity to bear arms. There should be proper qualifications and testing for gun ownership, and proper testing. One should only own a gun if they are qualified and schooled.”

Jon Voight is one of the most MAGA of Trump supporters. He is a hero among the Trumpers, and even he has had enough. The reforms that Voigt is suggesting are common sense. A person needs a license to drive a car. They have to pass a test and prove that they are qualified to get behind the wheel. It is unbelievable that the same standard does not apply to gun ownership.

The NRA and Republican Party oppose these minimal reforms, but Uvalde has sickened and enraged the nation to such a degree that even far-right people like Jon Voight are calling for change so that a mass school shooting like Uvalde never happens again.

The first step toward real reform is the vast majority agreeing that something needs to be done.

America seems to be there, but now they must get Republican senators to follow.

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