Jay Leno Released From Burn Center Amid Recovery


Jay Leno is on the mend. 

More than a week after being injured in a fire, the comedian has been released from in-patient treatment at Grossman Burn Center. He will continue his care at the clinic’s outpatient facility.

Following the news of Leno’s release, Dr. Peter Grossman, who treated the former Tonight Show host, released a statement saying, “I am pleased with Jay’s progress, and I am optimistic that he will make a full recovery.”

On Nov. 12, Leno sustained burns to his face, arms and hands in a gasoline fire while working on one of his collectable cars. As Grossman told the New York Times on Nov. 14, he sustained “deep second-degree burns, with possibly third-degree burns,” requiring skin graft surgery to repair the burns.

However, despite the serious nature of his injuries, the 72-year-old remained in good spirits. “He’s walking around and he’s cracking jokes. I can tell you he’s incredibly kind to our nursing staff,” Grossman told NBC Los Angeles on Nov. 16. “He’s been appreciative of everybody here and he’s an ideal patient, and one who understands the seriousness of his injury.”

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