It’s Getting Ugly As Mike Pence Stages A Georgia Coup Against Trump


Mike Pence is leading a coordinated effort to overthrow Trump and take control of the Republican Party away from him in Georgia.

Mike Pence Is Trying To Overthrow Trump In Georgia

Business Insider reported:

Mike Pence’s planned appearance Monday at a primary eve rally for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp will cap a coordinated effort by Republican officials trying to wrest back control of the party from the twice-impeached former president they once served. 

Campaigning against Trump-backed gubernatorial hopeful David Perdue on his home turf marks the former vice president’s boldest break yet with his old boss Donald Trump. 

Pence joins a parade of GOP leaders — including Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey, Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, and former New Jersey governor Chris Christie — who have visited Georgia in recent days to help Kemp overcome the revenge campaign Trump launched against him for certifying Joe Biden’s win in 2020. 

Mike Pence Is Giving Trump A Taste Of His Own Medicine in Georgia

Pence is trying to overthrow Trump in Georgia and lay his claim to being Trump’s challenger for the GOP presidential nomination in 2024. Trump thinks of himself as the ruler of the Republican Party, but there is an effort to overthrow the self-anointed MAGA king.

It is doubtful that Mike Pence will be successful in wrestling control of the Republican Party away from Trump, but the failed former twice impeached president is vulnerable in Georgia, where Brian Kemp is going to crush Trump’s hand-picked candidate to primary him.

The Republican midterm election results have a lot on the line. If Republicans fail to take back the Senate because Trump meddled, the attempts to ouster him will get more intense.

Some Republicans might wake up and realize that Trump is leading them to failure, and they are a doomed party as long as they continue to follow the former president.

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