It Smells Like A Uvalde Cover Up As Police Chief Sworn In As Member Of City Council


The Uvalde City Council is not public posting meeting schedules, and they have sworn the Police Chief in as a member of city council.

The police chief is now on the city council:

The police chief was elected city council earlier this year, but why hold the swearing-in after a mass shooting?


City Council isn’t publicly posting their meeting schedule:

It is always a giant red flag when local governments stop posting their meeting schedules in violation of the law. Nothing screams WE ARE HIDING SOMETHING more than Sunshine Law violations.

The Story On The Uvalde Teacher And The Door Changes Again

Texas law enforcement has now changed the story about the teacher and the door for a third time. The first story was that a teacher left a Robb Elementary School door open, and that is how a mass shooter gained entry. Law enforcement admitted on Tuesday that the door was closed by the teacher. The third version of the story is that the door was closed, but the lock malfunctioned.

The police chief also happened to be the commander on the scene that kept the police from entering the classroom while a mass shooter killed two teachers and 19 children.

Something Is Wrong In Uvalde

There is something wrong in Uvalde. The Police Chief has been avoiding talking to the Texas Rangers about the law enforcement response that he oversaw, but he did have time to be sworn into city council.

The false information that state officials have received about the response appears to have come from Police Chief Arredondo.

What is happening in Uvalde is not a normal local government response to a mass shooting. It feels like local officials are hiding something, and Uvalde officials are giving a clinic on how local governments should not respond.

The community has seen 19 children and two teachers murdered. They need to be able to trust their leaders and not wonder if elected officials are hiding the truth from them.

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