House Republicans Claim They Only Offered Family Tours On The Eve Of 1/6 Attack


Rep. Barry Loudermilk denies providing a reconnaissance tour to terrorists and says he only gave family tours.

Loudermilk and Rep. Rodney Davis said in a statement:

The 1/6 Committee claims to have video evidence of the tour. The Republicans are claiming that they were just showing a family around on 1/5.  If the Republicans stick to this story, it could get ugly fast if the video tells a different story.

Republicans have lied and refused to testify before the committee, so there is no good reason for anyone to believe them when they claim that they were giving “family tours.”

If Loudermilk was only giving a family tour, he should have no problem with explaining this to the committee. The denial and claim that the 1/6 Committee is pushing a false narrative is political spin, not an explanation for what was happening in the Capitol on 1/5.

House Republicans have gone from denying that there were any tours of the Capitol before the attack to claiming that they were only providing family tours.

Something isn’t adding up, and the 1/6 Committee should release the video and allow the American people to see who is telling the truth.

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