House Republican Has No Clue That Seizing Drugs At The Border Is A Good Thing


Rep. Pat Falloon of Texas took right-wing hysteria to a new place when he got hysterical about drugs being seized on the US border.

Rep. Falloon tweeted:

The fact that 50,000 pounds of drugs were seized at the border means that the border is being effectively managed. Rep. Falloon apparently doesnโ€™t understand what seized means.

Gone are the days of flimsy walls that drug smugglers could easily saw through with tools from Home Depot.ย 

Trumpโ€™s border policy was a wasteful disaster that spent taxpayer money on ineffective walls while being cruel to migrants and children.

Fox News has run blaring headlines and segments about the โ€œborder crisisโ€ since the moment that Joe Biden took office. The โ€œborder crisisโ€ that Fox News and Republicans are running with is a code for fearmongering about non-white people coming to the United States.

America hasnโ€™t suddenly been flooded with illegal drugs since Joe Biden took office, and people like Rep. Falloon sound hysterical about a good that is happening because anything can sound ominous and evil to Republicans if a tone is used that is intended to outrage and frighten voters.


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