Herschel Walker Busted Before The Primary Acting As Spokesperson For Program That Preyed Upon Vets And Defrauded The Government


Just days before the Republican Georgia Senate primary, Herschel Walker has been linked to acting as a spokesperson for a program that preyed on vets.

Via the AP, Walker touts his work with Patriot Support, but the reality is not what he is pushing on the campaign trail:

 A sprawling civil case brought against Universal Health Services by the Department of Justice and nearly two dozen states alleges that Patriot Support was part of a broader effort by the company to defraud the government.

Prosecutors allege Universal Health Services and its affiliates aggressively pushed those with government-sponsored insurance into inpatient mental health care to drive revenue. That’s because, unlike typical private insurers, government plans do not limit the duration of hospital stays for psychiatric care so long as specific criteria are met, making such patients more profitable, the government alleged.

To achieve this end, the company pushed staff at its mental health facilities to misdiagnose patients and falsify documents in order to hospitalize those who did not require it, according to court records. In other cases, they failed to discharge those who no longer needed hospitalization, according to the DOJ.

Herschel Walker Has Been Dodging Debates And Hiding From Reporters For A Reason

The Walker campaign has kept its candidate hidden from reporters and debates. They only let Walker do interviews on Fox and tightly scripted campaign events.

Herschel Walker has a history of mental illness and domestic violence. He has lied about his academic credentials and his business success. 

Republicans are trying to fool Georgia voters into putting an unqualified and possibly unstable individual into the US Senate.

A candidate that won’t do objective interviews and debates is hiding something.

The more that is unearthed about Herschel Walker, the more it is obvious that he should not be in the United States Senate.

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