Gunman Dies of Self-inflicted Gunshot After Mass Shooting in Monterey Park


Officials learned that the suspect had gone next to the dance club in Alhambra, Sheriff Luna said, where he was disarmed by community members who he said should be considered heroes.

“I can tell you that the suspect walked in there probably with the intent to kill more people,” he said.

After the alert for the white cargo van went out, tactical teams surrounded a vehicle matching that description in Torrance, the sheriff said. More than an hour of tense preparations ensued, during which tactical officers pinned in the van with armored vehicles, and eventually broke its windows and entered. Sheriff Luna said evidence found in the van linked the man inside, who had shot and killed himself, to both crime scenes.

A handgun was recovered from the van, Sheriff Luna said, adding that the weapon confiscated from the suspect in Alhambra, a magazine-fed semiautomatic assault pistol with an extended large-capacity magazine attached to it, was probably not legal in California.

Monterey Park, a city of about 60,000 residents, is more than 60 percent Asian American. Located about seven miles east of downtown Los Angeles, it is considered a mecca for Chinese immigrants, a place where they could find comfort in the food and language of their birth land while putting down American roots for their children. With more space than Los Angeles’s Chinatown, it is a suburban enclave that a well-known developer once advertised as “the Chinese Beverly Hills,” and it remains a destination in the San Gabriel Valley, a region known for its immigrant populations and Asian and Latin cuisine.

After a three-year hiatus during the pandemic, the city’s two-day Lunar New Year celebration had been a much anticipated event. On Saturday afternoon, Garvey Avenue, a main thoroughfare, was a cheerful scene of vendors and carnival rides. But it would soon be closed off with police tape.

Representative Judy Chu, whose district includes Monterey Park and who served as its mayor three times, said the attack “tore a hole through all of our hearts.” She had, she said, become a member of an unfortunate club: a civic leader with a mass shooting to respond to.

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