Greg Abbott Throws Texas Law Enforcement Under The Bus During Disastrous Press Conference


Gov. Greg Abbott held a press conference and claimed that Texas law enforcement officials misled him about their response to the Uvalde shooting.

Video of Abbott:

Abbott was asked about why he gave reporters inaccurate information at a previous press conference and he said:

Yes. I was misled. I am livid about what happened. I was on this very stage, two days ago. And I was telling the public, information that had been told to me in a room just a few yards behind what we’re looking at right now. I wrote down hand notes, in detail, about what everybody in that room told me. In sequential order, about what happened. 

And when I came out of here on the stage and told the public what happened, it was a recitation of what people in that room told me. Whether be law enforcement officials, or non-law enforcement officials, whatever the case. Maybe and as everybody has learned, the information that I was given turned out, in part to be inaccurate.

 And I am absolutely livid about that. And here’s my expectation. My expectation is that the law enforcement leaders that are leading the investigations, which include the Texas Rangers, and the FBI, they get to the bottom of every fact with absolute certainty.

The situation in Texas is a complete mess. Law enforcement officials tried to suggest that teacher was to blame because a door was left open. The Governor gave false information to the media, and he may or may not have been misled by his own law enforcement officials.

The federal government needs to step in and handle this investigation because Greg Abbott clearly can’t lead.

Each press conference by Texas officials including Gov. Abbott is a disaster that only leads to more questions.

Greg Abbott tried to save himself by throwing Texas law enforcement under the bus, as the situation gets worse by the hour.


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