GOT’s Maisie Williams Reveals Her Thoughts on Series’ Violence


Is Maisie Williams haunted by her time on Game of Thrones? As Syrio would say, “Not today!”

The actress starred as Arya Stark across the HBO fantasy drama’s eight seasons. And while her former co-star Sophie Turner recently said that she will eventually experience “symptoms of trauma” from some of the heavy subject matter and intense scenes, Williams says that she wasn’t affected in the same way.

“I didn’t find the scenes that I shot on Game of Thrones, and the nature of the violence and the descent into obsession over this list of names that she wants to kill—I didn’t necessarily find that traumatic to do,” she told Variety.

She continued, “I think I just found, you know, growing—well, I’m not even gonna say that. I didn’t find those scenes traumatic to do.”

Turner on the other hand—who played Williams’ on-screen sister Sansa Stark on the series—recently told The Cut that she’s sure she will “exhibit some symptoms of trauma down the road,” due to the fact she couldn’t “comprehend a lot of the scene matter” when she began filming the series at age 15. 

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