Donald Trump Jr. Has A Meltdown After Sussmann Found Not Guilty


After lawyer Michael Sussmann was found not guilty of lying to the FBI, Donald Trump Jr. had a conspiracy meltdown.

Video of Trump Jr.:

Trump Jr. said:

This was a DC jury. We shouldn’t be surprised at all. This is a “totally legitimate” justice system, folks. He’s facing a jury that are fans of everything he did, basically, right? He literally lied to the FBI. I am pretty sure he admitted it, but again, minor details, right?

Now, do you think I’d get away with that? Do you think you’d get away with that? Do you think if you were anywhere near DC on January 6th, even if you were totally peaceful, you think you’d get away with it?


Once Russia, Russia, Russia became about the Democrats, folks, that’s when it ended. You had five years, millions of dollars doesn’t matter. As long as it was against Donald Trump, this was going to continue. Once it became about the Democrats. Once it became known that the ones doing it, it’s all over.

The Trumps thought that the Durham investigation was going to muddy the waters on Trump/Russia and punch their tickets back to the White House. The spectacular failure of Durham has left the Trump family making the same excuses that the world is rigged against them.

The Mueller investigation resulted in 34 indictments, and eight convictions, including 5 Trump campaign officials.

In the years of the Durham investigation, not a single person has been convicted.

Donald Trump Jr. melted down because Durham’s failure may mean that his dad’s path back to the White House is vanishing.

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