Dark Cloud Hangs Over Uvalde As City Official Admits Being at School Minutes After Gunman, ‘Trying to Calm Parents Down’ So Police Can Do Their Job


Something very dark and disturbing is happening with respect to the investigation into the Uvalde mass shooting. Unlike the countless other mass shootings this country sacrifices at the altar of the 2nd Amendment, Uvalde has unique circumstances such that many people directly involved in the matter, parents, police, and other officials were at the school property minutes after the shooter and, somehow, were forced to stand outside the property while lives were being taken over the course of an hour. Something deeply disturbing is wrong in Uvalde and another hint came out through a Morning Joe interview with Uvalde City Councilman Eduardo Zimera. (Video Below)

After the obvious first question regarding how the town is holding up in the wake of the shootings, Zimera was asked what was happening as he arrived at 11:45-11:48, given the established fact that some parents and others were held back by law enforcement standing outside the school property even as all present heard shots being fired inside.


I’m not going to — it’s under — I mean, they’re investigating that. But I was on the scene maybe 11:45, 11:48, that I got in front of the school. There was already people running into the building. We were just trying to control the crowd, trying to control the parents, trying to calm them down, you know?

No, we don’t know. Because those of us with kids or grandkids would volunteer to be the human shield for law enforcement and all those “good guys with guns,” if it meant we had a chance to save our baby inside. It sounds like the Uvalde parents were every bit as committed but forcefully stopped. Zimera continued to answer the question:

And I was there assisting, you know, border patrol. Volunteer firemen were out there trying to control and help out. It was all out force to contain this individual and -ou know, I’m a parent, a grandparent.

I know the feeling. I had nieces in that school. It’s horrific. It’s horrific. Nobody can imagine what happened. You know, and I just tell everybody, just calm down. Let’s take a step back and see. We need to see what happened. We need to know what happened. We’re not going to be happy until we know what happened.

Fine. We will not be satisfied until we know what happened because those of us in the media, and Americans following those reports, have heard directly contrasting explanations over the last couple of days.

Additionally, as Councilman Zimera admits, this community was small enough and tight-knit enough that parents arrived at the school near contemporaneously with the police and only minutes after the gunman crashed his truck at 11:40. The fact that the Councilman says he stood outside and assisted in an effort to “calm the parents down,” sends ice down one’s spine because it is in accord with video reported yesterday of officers pinning fathers to the ground, handcuffing a mother, all while the police “waited” as shots rang out from inside.

But not all police waited. According to Mediaite:

Texas Department Public Safety spokesman Lt. Christopher Olivarez confirmed to a reporter during a live shot that police officers went into Robb Elementary School to get their own children during the massacre.

Obviously, this country has enough experience with mass shootings (Unbelievably) to know that this is bizarrely aberrant. Something is obviously and painfully wrong. Yes, Zimera is right in that no one will be “happy” (satisfied) until we know what happened but there is no reason, at this point, to believe that the officials on the scene, or even the state officials who have responded, can be trusted to investigate the incident. Federal officials are the only hope and yet the Border Patrol was involved, too.

If one simply goes through the current timeline (which local police have been unable to explain), it is obvious that there are dark and disturbing questions, not only about local law-enforcement’s competence but also their good faith, their willingness to protect and serve, and their ability to admit the truth.

This tweet sums it up and has gone viral:


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