Critics Rage As Trump Posts Support for Message Advocating U.S. Civil War


Trump and his supporters, which is now the mainstream Republican party, have normalized the idea of violent political conflict such that an ex-president who aspires to be president again can put out a statement/post comprised solely of unambiguous support for “Civil War” and it seems, well, to be Monday.

Follow George Conway’s message through. Conway is pointing to Trump reposting a comment stating that the United States needs civil war:

Acknowledging that, yes, it is Monday, and nothing new, Democrats should not accept this. President Biden should forcefully call it out. Nancy Pelosi should forcefully call it out. Same with Schumer. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs should issue a statement saying that the entirety of the United States military stands ready to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Commander in Chief.

To the extent that one once could have said, “You only elevate this jackass’s comments by addressing them,” that time has passed. Trump has proven to have staying power and leads the entire Republican party. The comments are already “elevated,” and Madison Cawthorn has already referenced the Nazi movement below the surface (“Dark MAGA” as they frame themselves, but no one should accept their framing, it’s violent nazism.)

As Conway notes, this should be everywhere. People who don’t strongly follow politics but know they hated January 6th will see it and instantly remember why they do not want to see Trump ever again. Indeed, we cannot allow the U.S. to ever normalize January 6th or the idea that there is any place for violence in U.S. politics.

This is so dangerous.

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