Conversations With Friends Stars Explain the Cryptic Ending


Conversations With Friends may be over, but there’s still more that we need to talk about.

Namely, we need answers regarding that ambiguous ending. For those who’ve yet to tune in, after calling off their extramarital affair, Frances (Alison Oliver) and Nick (Joe Alwyn) seem to move on with their lives, putting time and energy into other relationships that matter.

However, as the 12th episode of the limited series comes to a close, an accidental call from Nick to Frances results in the pair pouring their hearts out and Frances uttering, “Come and get me.”

Does this mean the duo is ready to start up their oh-so-toxic relationship again? We asked Joe and Alison to weigh in, and their answers may surprise you.

“I don’t think it’s saying ‘let’s go back to square one or let’s do this all over again,'” Alison exclusively told E! News. “Their breakup in episode 11 ended so abruptly and it wasn’t really on her terms. I think she felt so out of control and so many things were happening. There’s still closure that needs to be had.”

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