Charlie Puth’s Confessions About His Sex Life Will Grab Your Attention


The Grammy-nominated musician said he doesn’t mind how people react to his content because he’s just being himself and he’s just happy to see people react. 

“I would be more offended if somebody opens up my TikTok and they have no opinion about it, if they were indifferent,” he said. “I want them to be either very angry about it or in love with it.”

When he isn’t showing off his sexual prowess on TikTok, he’s giving fans an inside look to how he makes his music. For instance, he took fans behind-the-scenes of “Light Switch,” a song off his third studio album, Charlie.  

“I was taking myself too seriously, and TikTok kind of humbled me in a way—some videos wouldn’t do as well as other videos, and some songs wouldn’t be received as well as some other songs,” he said. “I got that information in real time. It wasn’t, ‘Oh, well, I have 16 million followers so I’m great no matter what.'”

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