Celebrity Game Face: See T.I. & Tiny’s LOL-Worthy Dance-Off


T.I. Guesses Tiny Harris’ Hilarious Charades Dance Moves

Get ready for a rap battle like you’re never seen before.

Kevin Hart has assembled some of hip-hop’s biggest stars and their significant others for the latest showdown on E!’s Celebrity Game Face. In this preview of the July 12 episode, T.I. and wife Tiny go up against T-Pain and his wife Amber Najm plus Rick Ross and girlfriend Pretty Vee for one hilarious dance off.

First, it’s Tiny’s turn to bust a move while playing “Name That Dance” in the sneak peek. Some of the dance moves are real and some are made up by Hart, making the challenge even trickier.

After Tiny easily gets T.I. to guess “The Dougie” and “The Baby Walk,” she then has to get on all fours for “The Itchy Dog.”

When she gets to “The Whoa,” she has some trouble and yells, “I don’t know how to do this!”

After passing on “The Whoa,” T.I. and Tiny get one more correct guess with “The Dinosaur.”

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