Aubrey O’Day Reflects on Her Public Breakup From Pauly D


“Everybody threw jokes carelessly about me all over the place, while they were all growing in fame and popularity and numbers,” she told E! News. “I was left behind to deal with the truth of what happened and everything that I had to process because I wasn’t the chosen one in the editing bay.”

After her relationship with Pauly ended, Aubrey said she didn’t have sex for three years. In fact, she stepped away from the public eye for a period of time to live in Bali. But recently, the Famously Single alum decided to dip her feet in the dating pool by going back on Hinge.

“I decided to start allowing people to like me maybe,” she said. “I started entertaining conversations. I thought that I was falling for this guy who shall remain nameless because he’s known, married to somebody famous, divorced now and on Hinge and he’s talking to me about philosophy and we’re falling in love with each other.”

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