An Enraged Eric Swalwell Crushes House Republicans For Whining About Baby Formula While They Enable School Shooters


After House Republicans had the nerve to tweet about baby formula, Rep. Eric Swalwell lit into them for getting kids killed by doing nothing about guns.

Swalwell tweeted:

Rep. Swalwell is a parent of young children, and one can feel the rage and disgust coming from his tweet.

The next time that a Republican claims to care about the lives of children, they should be reminded loudly that they care so little about the lives of children who are sent to school each day only to be murdered that they have done nothing about gun violence.

Republicans can’t claim to care about babies while they enable the slaughter of babies in our schools. The children killed at Sandy Hook were babies. The kids killed at Uvalde were babies.

Children are more than an election-year talking point. They are the most vulnerable members of society who need to be collectively cared for.

Republicans don’t care about children, but as Rep. Swalwell pointed out, if they did, they wouldn’t allow them to be slaughtered by the gun lobby.

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