192 House Republicans Vote Against Providing Babies With Formula


One hundred and ninety-two House Republicans voted against legislation that would provide funding to the FDA to ease the baby formula shortage.

Via: CNN’s Manu Raju:

Speaker Pelosi described the supplemental funding before the vote, “The supplemental delivers urgently needed resources to the Federal – the FDA – to take steps to restore formula supply, increase FDA’s inspection staff, keep fraudulent products off the grocery shelves and better collect data on shortages in communities across the nation. It is essential that we ensure the federal government has the resources it needs to get baby formula back on the shelves. And as the President said, we want to do it quickly but we do not – we must do it safely, and we must do it with caution, so not so fast as not to be safe. ”

Just 12 House Republicans voted with Democrats to pass the bill.

“Pro-Life” Republicans Say No To Providing Formula To Babies

This is what Republicans mean by pro-life. The government will force women to have babies or go to prison. Once those babies are born, Republicans do nothing to help them.

If a factory that produces baby formula gets shut down due to bacterial contamination making infants sick, too bad, you’re on your own. If babies in households with financial struggles are hungry, it is not their job to help.

House Republicans disguise their no votes with financial concerns, but they want to keep the crisis going because Republicans think it will win them votes in the midterms.

Cruelty and starving infants are the Republican election strategy.

When Republicans claim to be pro-life, it is not the lives of the children that are alive right now that they are concerned about. Republican votes prove that they are only pro-life until babies are born.

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